During the match

During the match
During the match

What documents do I need to enter the stadium for a football match?

The access to the stadium is carried out by scanning the QR code from the ticket or subscription. You can present a ticket or subscription for scanning both in printed form and On the screen of a mobile device.

What time does the stadium open for the visitors?

Р Visitors can enter the stadium two hours before the match. At this time, all fans can participate in the Fan Promenade.

What time does the stadium close after the match?

Р The gates close one hour after the end of the match. Fans should leave the stadium during this hour.

If I'm late for a match, what should I do? Can I go to the stadium?

Р Of course, after all, the main task of the stadium employees is to make the viewer enjoy the game. Unfortunately, the fan cannot be late for more than the first half, because the gates are closing for the entrance at the beginning of the second half, and it is no longer possible to get to the stadium.

Can I enter and leave the stadium?

Р If you need to leave the stadium and go back, you can do it. Contact the steward Р he will lead you to a special exit, where you can find a special device that reads the exit on the ticket. If you want to return to the match, leave only through this exit, since without a mark that you have passed through this exit, the ticket will be considered as used. Remember that all gates are locked at the entrance before the second half, and try to return till this time.

What are gates? Where are they located?

Р Gates are the entrance groups located around the stadium. More than 10 entrance groups work for you to enter the stadium with a comfort. Some of them are specially equipped for people with disabilities; others are equipped with left-luggage offices where you can leave your hand luggage.

What should I do if I feel sick?

Р If you or someone near you feel sick at the stadium, you can call the stewards. The steward will take you to the closest first-aid post, where a qualified medical professional will help you and, if necessary, call an ambulance. There are several medical points at the stadium and an ambulance is always on duty.

Where are the medical care points located?

Р Medical aid points are located on each floor and operate throughout the match. First-aid posts are indicated by the special navigation signs around the stadium and special signs on the map. However, we recommend you to immediately contact any steward to escort you to the nearest medical center.

What to do if there is a conflict with other fans?

- In case of a dispute, we recommend that you immediately contact the steward to resolve the issue.

I lost my wallet / bag / document. What should I do?

- All things lost (forgotten) in the entrance area and in the internal territory of Gazprom Arena at the end of the match are transferred for sorting and technical verification of ensuring security to the exit Ь5Ђ of the stadium where in order to return your lost items you can reach immediately after the match. In 2 hours after the match ends things are transferred for the further storage to the warehouse of Zenit-Arena LLC and are stored there for 30 more days (but the food is stored for no longer than 3 days) and then got disposed. For any additional information please call +7-931-00-01-258.

How to get to the stadium with minimal entry delays?

- For a quick passage through the entrance areas, we recommend visiting the stadium without hand luggage, which will significantly increase the speed of inspection of each fan. Gates designed for passage without hand luggage are Ь2, Ь7, Ь9, Ь9Ђ, Ь10 and Ь 10Ђ. Also, if you arrived at the stadium with children, you can quickly go through the gates Ь2Ђ, Ь3Ђ, Ь4Ђ, Ь5Ђ, Ь6Ђ, Ь7Ђ, Ь8Ђ, Ь9Ђ, Ь10Ђ, Ь13Ђ and Ь 14Ђ. Entrances for the spectators with limited mobility are Ь 2Ђ, Ь10Ђ and Ь16Ђ.

What can I do at the stadium before the match?

Р Before the match, you can take a walk through the stadium and visit the upper tiers with a beautiful panorama of St. Petersburg.

Why some gates in the stadium do not open for passage?

- Several gates are made for the official access, the press and more. But in cases of large queues, the leadership of the coordination headquarters makes decisions to reassign the categories of input gates, so they use absolutely all the input gates.

Are there police pickets at the stadium?

- According to the plan for ensuring the safety of sports events held at the Gazprom Arena, during the football matches of FC Zenit, there are 3 law enforcement points: - On the ground floor of the block З‚И - On the second floor of the block З‚И - On the second floor of the block ЗDИ. If necessary, contact the stadium staff that will direct you to the nearest police picket.

Is there a dressing room in the Gazprom Arena?

- There is no dressing room in the Gazprom Arena.

Can I bring a laptop to the stadium?

- You can but at the entrance to the stadium you need to provide a working laptop for inspection.

What to do if my place is gone?

- We advise you to immediately contact the steward to resolve this issue.

From which sector is the field and the game better visible?

- The stadium is designed in such a way that the field is clearly visible from any point of the stadium.

Which sector is best for children?

- You can purchase tickets to any sector of Gazprom Arena to visit the stadium with children. Please note that children under 14 years old are allowed into the sector for an active support only accompanied by the legal representatives.

Is there a dress code in clothes when attending matches?

- We recommend that you wear blue-white-blue or neutral colors in clothes when visiting matches.

Can I bring the flag to the central sector?

- The decision to carry the flag is made by the Club Security Service, it all depends on the size of the flag.

What gate will be ТoursУ in the first half?

- The position of the teams on the field is determined by the draw at the beginning of the match.

Are there smoking areas at the stadium?

- According to the requirements of the Federal Law "On the Protection of Citizens' Health from the Effects of Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Use" dated 02.23.2013 N 15-”‡, Gazprom Arena does not provide smoking areas. Smoking at a sports facility is an administrative offense; please refrain from smoking in the stadium during the match.

Will asthmatics with an inhaler be allowed to enter the stadium?

- During the passage and inspection at the stadium, questions may arise from the police. The appropriate copies of the documents about the medicine should be with you.