Season tickets

Season tickets
Season tickets

How to buy a fan pass for a fan bend?

- To purchase a subscription to the sector of an active support (fan bend) you need a personal presence! Each fan who purchases a Fan category subscription needs to be interviewed in the fan service, then interviewed by the Club Security Service and directly during the purchase at the Ticket offices of Gazprom Arena, to go through the photographing and subscription process. The purchase of a Fan category subscription is carried out only if there is a coordinating visa from the head of FC Zenit fans' work and a visa from a Club Security Service employee on the completed application form for the subscription owner.

I lost my electronic season ticket, what should I do so that no one passes through it?

- In order to avoid unauthorized access to your season ticket, we recommend that you come to the Ticket offices of Gazprom Arena with a printed subscription form (you can download it in your personal account) and passport to confirm your identity. You will be updated with a subscription QR code and the correct form sent to your email. Please note that the subscription that will remain in your personal account will no longer be valid.

I found a lost season ticket. What should I do in this situation?

- We ask you to contact the Client office and transfer the ticket you found to the cashiers.

I do not want to be photographed for a season ticket. Can I not do this?

- When purchasing a subscription of the Standard category, the photographing procedure is not required. When purchasing a subscription to the sectors of an active support (fan bend), photographing is a prerequisite for obtaining a subscription.

My season ticket was stolen. Can I block it?

- You need to contact the Ticket offices of Gazprom Arena and inform the cashier that your subscription has been stolen. The cost of recovering a plastic card-subscription is 500 rubles. The restoration of the Fan category season ticket is possible only after successful interviewing with the Club security service and with the leaders of the Fan Club. Restoring an electronic season ticket is free of charge.

What tour ends the first round?

- The first round includes matches from 1 to 15 rounds.

Can I transfer a parking ticket?

- Yes you can. The car pass is not tied to the vehicle registration number. To get to the stadium, you must scan the QR code from the car pass.