Discount cards

Discount cards
Discount cards

Why do I need a discount card?

You need a discount card in order to receive discounts from partners of FC Zenit. A list of all partners participating in the discount system can be found on our website The discount card also applies to discounts on the purchases in official Zenit stores, including the Zenit online store. And of course, the discount applies to the purchase of tickets for the Zenit basketball team.

My discount card does not appear in my account, what should I do?

- Please specify how long ago and where did you get the discount card. Perhaps the application for your discount card has not yet been processed. On average, processing profiles takes from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on where it was received. As soon as the application for your discount card is processed, the card will automatically appear in your personal account, provided all the fields of the application are correctly filled out.

How to find out the amount of savings and the size of the discount on a discount card?

- You need to write a letter to the e-mail address and indicate the number of your discount card. Technical support specialists will check the size of the discount on your card.

Where to contact if the store did not provide a discount on a discount card?

- You need to write a letter to the e-mail address, indicate the number of your discount card, the store where the purchase was made and the date you visited the store. Technical support specialists will clarify the information for which reason you were not given a discount.

What are the privileges of an electronic discount card?

- Using an electronic discount card, you can receive discounts in the Zenith online store and accumulate the amount of purchases, thereby increasing the size of the discount. To receive discounts in the official Zenith stores and from the partners of the discount system, you must exchange your electronic discount card for a plastic one. You can do this at the Client office daily from 10:00 to 20:00. All accumulations will be saved.

I lost a discount card, how to restore it?

- To restore the discount card, you need to contact the Client office, tell the cashier who the card was issued for and you will be given a new card.

Is it a personalized card, can I pass it on to friends?

- The card is not personalized. You can pass it on to your friends and relatives. The data that you indicated in the application form when you received the card is needed to restore the card in case it is lost and receive discounts on tickets for the Zenit Basketball Team, since the discount is available only to cardholders, both in the Client office and in your personal account.