Partial Mobility Groups

Partial Mobility Groups
Partial Mobility Groups

How to purchase a category PMG ticket?

How to get a disabled supporters ticket

Fans (including children) registered disabled are able to receive tickets for our disabled supporters seating by sending an email application to This also includes a ticket for an accompanying person.

The application must include:

- The match you wish to attend

- Your category or type of disability

- Your full name

- The name of the accompanying person

- The registration and details of any car if you require parking 

- A scanned copy/photo of your disability certificate/ID.

Incomplete or incorrect application are not accepted for consideration.

You can apply immediately as tickets go on sale and up to two days before matchday. All information regarding ticket sales is available on our website at

Tickets are provided free of charge, but their number is limited. Every disabled supporter can bring an accompanying person if they wish and they will be provided seating together in our disabled supporters section.

 More information about the Gazprom Arena can be found here 

Can I go to the stadium on crutches / in a wheelchair?

- Of course. We recommend that you go through 3A, 4A or 10A gates. Stadium staff, if necessary, will provide you with a wheelchair and help you get to your place at the stadium.

How to purchase n car pass for a PMG category fan?

The car pass is issued free of charge and is distributed Фin the order of the live queueХ for each match to fans with a disability. To get free parking access: 1. At least two working days before the match, apply for a car pass indicating the make and state number of the car, at You must put a ticket for the match and a document confirming disability in the attachment. Acceptance of the electronic applications begins with the start of sales of tickets for the match and ends 2 days before the match. 2. Receive at the customer office. The pass is issued with a ticket and a disability certificate.

How a PMG fan should get to the stadium?

Personal car

There is dedicated disabled parking for fans very close to the Gazprom Arena entrance. A parking pass is free and distributed on a first come, first serve basis. You can apply via e-mail to, at the Gazprom Arena ticket offices (except on match day) or at the club's VIP office (37sh Professor Popov, office 121). Please have your match ticket and disability ID available, as well as your car’s make, model and number plate.

If you have a class 3 disability, please have your official disabled parking badge or your restricted movement pass with you.

You can apply via email as soon as tickets are place on sale. Applications close two days before matchday.

Shuttle buses for disabled fans

Shuttle buses run from Petrovskaya Square to the Gazprom Arena and back after the match are suitable for disabled fans. Petrovskaya Square can be reached by car, taxi or public transport. The shuttle buses start 2 hours before kick-off.

Mobility taxis

Mobility taxis (specially designed for those with disabilities) can access P21 parking lots (near the Sibur Arena) on matchdays and are only for disembarking and alighting fans.
(Only official mobility taxis are able to access the area around the Gazprom Arena on matchday!)

Public transport

Nearest metro stations: Krestovsky Ostrov, Zenit, Begovaya
Nearest bus routes: No. 10, 14, 25, 25A. These buses include disabled access

Where is Petrovskaya Square?

- Petrovskaya Square is located in the western part of Petrovsky Island at the intersection of Petrovsky Prospekt and Petrovskaya Spit with Savina Street. There is an end stop for two public transport routes on Petrovskaya Square: trolleybus No. 7 and minibus No. K321. There is also an intermediate stop for bus No. 14. Access to Petrovskaya Square does not require a special car pass and enough space for parking personal vehicles.