Stadium services

Stadium services
Stadium services

I want to place my food point at the stadium, whom should I contact?

- On this issue, please write to the e-mail address  indicating all the necessary information.

I forgot my stuff in the entrance area, what should I do?

- All things lost (forgotten) in the entrance area and in the internal territory of Gazprom Arena at the end of the match are transferred for sorting and technical verification of ensuring security to the exit Ь5Ђ of the stadium where in order to return your lost items you can reach immediately after the match. In 2 hours after the match ends things are transferred for the further storage to the warehouse of Zenit-Arena LLC and are stored there for 30 more days (but the food is stored for no longer than 3 days) and then got disposed. For any additional information please call +7-931-00-01-258.

Are there any rooms equipped with changing tables and rooms for mother and child in the stadium?

Р At the Gazprom Arena, some women's toilets are equipped with comfortable changing tables in the sectors A106, A107, B106, B109, C107, D105.

Are there any childrenХs rooms in the stadium?

Р There are especially prepared game lodges for all young fans aged 2 to 14 years for the fans who rented a lodge at our stadium and attend a stadium with children. Children will be able not only to watch football in the company of peers, but also to hold a football tournament on a game console, play a kicker, choose a pleasant board game and much more. The children's room begins to work 2 hours before the start of the match. We invite other fans to participate in the Fan Promenade, which also takes place two hours before the start of the match. Details here [Й].

What are lodges at the stadium?

Р The stadium's lodges are closed VIP zones. They have a private balcony and offer personalized service to the fans. Lodges are located between the first and second tiers of the stadium on the 4th floor. The most extensive view of the field opens from there. The lodge can be rented either for one match, for a season or for several seasons. For more information please observe [Й].

What is a Business Club at the stadium?

- The Business Club at Gazprom Arena is a closed restaurant for the VIP guests with premium services. Club members watch the game of their favorite team from the comfortable seats on the central tribune of the stadium. There is also an autograph session with the honored guests of FC Zenit and a prize draw during the break of a match. You can find out more information down the link [Й].

What is a Silver Club of the stadium?

- The Silver Club of the stadium is presented in a premium closed hospitality format. These ticket holders observe the game of their favorite team from comfortable places in sectors A104 and A105.

Can I rent a lodge at the stadium?

Р To reserve a lodge you should submit your application online: or contact our managers: +7(931)000-11-12; +7(931)000-05-96.

Is there any parking?

Р Parking slots are located around the perimeter of the stadium along the sector A. You can purchase a parking space for a match or an annual parking ticket here:

Does parking work during the excursions at the stadium?

- On extra-match days the entrance to the Gazprom Arena parking is possible in the zones P22 and P23. You can also park your car in the parking lot at Sibur-Arena.

What is parking mode and how can I use it?

Р Parking begins working two hours before kick-off of the match and closes 1.5 hours after its completion. If you have any questions, please refer to the parking reservation instructions.

I heard something about the retractable roof of the stadium. How does it work?

Р Our stadium is indeed equipped with a retractable roof. Unfortunately, we cannot open it directly during the match. Due to the difficult technical aspects of the operation, the decision about whether the roof will be open or closed is made several hours before the game. Thanks to the roof, there is no need to worry about the cold Р the stadium always has a plus temperature.

Does your roof has a Twitter?!

Р Yes. Our roof has a very entertaining twitter, where you can see if she is participating in today's match or not.

What is the temperature in the stadium?

- The stadium has a fairly comfortable temperature regime, about 20 degrees in the room under the tribune and about 15 degrees in the stadium bowl.

Is it possible to come to the stadium with pets?

- Unfortunately, you cannot enter the venue for an official sports competition with animals and birds. The only exception is guide dogs in the muzzles.

A ball hit me at the stadium. Can I keep it?

- No, the game ball is not a part of souvenir products. It always has to be returned to the game.

Can I celebrate a birthday at the stadium?

- Yes, at the stadium you can visit an excursion, organize a banquet or a stand-up meal. To do this, fill out an application on the official site of Gazprom Arena Р

How can I visit an excursion? Are there any excursions on a match day?

- At the stadium you can visit an excursion, organize a banquet or a stand-up meal. To do this, fill out an application on the official There are no tours at the stadium on a match day, at this time all fans can participate in the Fan Promenade.