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How to get to an open training session?

- In order to get to an open training session, you need to participate in contests that are regularly held on the Club's social networks. Competition winners get the opportunity to visit the teamХs open training session. Also the buyers of the fanpacks can receive an excursion to the base and viewing the training session as a prize too.

I want to work in your organization! How is it possible?

- You can send your CV and fill out the form on our official website, as well as get acquainted with all the Club's open vacancies and send a response on the Head Hunter website. If we are interested in your candidacy, the personnel department will contact you.

How to become a player at the Zenit Academy?

Branches of the Academy of FC Zenit conduct open training, to which everyone is invited. If you want your child to play at Zenit, but for some reason missed the selection to the Academy and its branches, you need to bring the child to one of the open training sessions in the branches of the Academy. (For a schedule of open workouts, see the branch workout schedule). The Home Academy does not conduct reviews for everyone. The Academy's selection service monitors talented players who play for their teams during the season. If the Academy management decides to invite a football player to watch, the Academy notifies the management of the football school where the player trains and plays, as well as his parents about the interest in this player. After that, the footballer is invited to watch. If the player meets the existing requirements, then he is offered to go to the FC Zenit Academy. Those players who want to be seen by Academy breeders should download the form, fill out and send it to the address indicated in the section.

What time does the bus with the players arrive at the stadium?

- A bus with teams arrives at the stadium usually 2 hours before the start of the match.

Is there a museum of FC Zenit?

- The creation of its own Zenith museum began not so long ago. It will be placed at the Gazprom Arena. A permanent exhibition will be opened there, consisting of archival materials and items related to the history of the Club. You can weekly get acquainted with the work done to create the museum on the official Zenith website in the blog of the future museum ТInventory Book. Temporary exhibition is located in the Ticket offices of Gazprom Arena.

Where can I leave the comments regarding the work of the stadium and staff?

- You can send all the comments about the work of the stadium and the service to the email address Thanks to your reaction, we will have an additional opportunity to control the quality of our employees and improve services in general.